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Treating water with Innovation

Logicwater is an Indian Water Technology Company working on different alternatives to Reverse Osmosis Technology.


Passion for engineering and decades of experience in water technology

With research and product development experience Logicwater has multiple patents, including patent for Capacitive Deionization Water Purification Technology.


Mr. BRK Mishra, the Founder & CEO of the company was associated for more than 30 years with the three best Indian water purification companies Eureka Forbes, Kent RO, and Unilever India (HUL), and as advisor to many other leading water treatment companies in India and abroad. His broad experience in water industry and urge to develop alternate to Reverse Osmosis led to creation of 'Logicwater'  

Hand Touching Water


'Logicwater' started manufacturing CDI system in 2013 with the vision of a "World With Clean Drinking Water For All".

"Capacitive Deionization is a sustainable technology with minimal harm to the environment and is the future of the water purification industry, like Electric Vehicles being the future of the automobile industry."

In the last 10 years, we have seen tremendous growth in the CDI business, and we are currently Number one in this portfolio in India, working with the world's leading water purification companies.​

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